Scaling Up Nutrition (SUN) Movement

SUN is a global movement which is led by governments and comprises of civil society, business, donors and UN organizations in a world-wide effort to reduce hunger and malnutrition in line with the MDGs. Nigeria joined the SUN Initiative in November, 2011.


Civil Society Scaling-up Nutrition in Nigeria (CS-SUNN)

CS-SUNN is a non-governmental, non-profit making coalition, made up of organizations with a shared vision to transform Nigeria into a country where every citizen is food and nutrition secured.

CS-SUNN was launched on August 7, 2014. It provides a platform to engage government and non-state actors to advocate for policy implementation create public awareness, increase local demand for appropriate nutrition service delivery, track service provision and budget implementation.


Partnership for Advocacy in Child and Family Health (PACFaH) Project

PACFaH in Nigeria is a three year social accountability project. The project is implemented through the strategy of partnership building of indigenous CSOs, champions and activists to catalyze change at national and state levels to fulfill commitments on child and family health.

CS-SUNN, as the nutrition issue lead for PACFaH, is advocating for the implementation of the National Strategic Plan of Action on Nutrition (NSPAN) at the National and in three states namely- Nasarawa, Kaduna and Niger.

The project outcomes are as follows:

  • Increase the capacity of key stakeholder groups (local, community, and national) in Nigeria to advocate for and to track nutrition funding
  • Increase awareness on the National Strategic Plan of Action on Nutrition (NSPAN) and commitment by stakeholders at national and focal states
  • Increase the political support by key national and state policy makers and program managers for the adoption and implementation of the National Food and Nutrition Policy (NFNP) )


Call for Action to Professional Associations

  1. Advocate for the implementation of the Strategic Plan of Action on Nutrition at the national and states levels.
  2. Support the domestication of the NSPAN at the states.
  3. Undertake research that will promote maternal and child nutrition at all levels in Nigeria
  4. Establish local working groups on Scaling up nutrition within the Professional Association at the state levels
  5. Create awareness through seminars, conferences, and public lectures on the policy and plans


For further information contact:

CS-SUNN office, 19B, Jimmy Carter Street, Asokoro, FCT

TEL: 08068142697,


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