CS-SUNN’S sensitization meeting with CSOs on the Agricultural Sector Food Security and Nutrition Strategy, ASFSNS (2016-2025).

The Overall Objective of the ASFSNS launched on May 9th 2017 by the Federal Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development is to improve the food and nutrition security of all Nigerians while empowering women and promoting resilience of the most vulnerable through sustainable agricultural livelihood.
Some of its specific objectives includes:
To improve food security at the national, community, and household levels;
To significantly reduce under-nutrition, including micronutrient deficiency disorders, among infants, children, adolescents, and women of reproductive age;
To prevent chronic nutrition-related non-communicable diseases;
To increase the knowledge of nutrition among the populace and integrate nutrition education into agricultural formal and informal training;
To strengthen systems that build resilience for improved food and nutrition situation; and
To incorporate food and nutrition considerations into the Federal, State and Local Government agricultural sector development plans.
CS-SUNN’s BOT Member, Dr. P.N.Momah in her presentation while sensitizing CSOs on the ASFSNS identified the focus areas for women and children as;
-Promoting homestead gardens, Keyhole and raised bed garden activities,
-Promoting small animal husbandry:
-Promoting school agriculture program;
-Advocacy for the support of landless agrarian community households to establish small-scale agro-processing businesses with starter packs and training for threshing, milling, grinding or other processing activities.
-Advocacy to ensure that smallholder female farmers are linked with institutional markets;
-Promoting positive attitudes with Nutrition education to promote the consumption of diverse diet at home, community, schools and workplaces.

Dr. Momah Presenting the ASFSNS Strategy

CSO’s at the end of the meeting identified and drew up next steps towards the implementation of the strategy around these roles:
*Domestication of the AFSNS at all state/LGA levels by May 2019;
*Promoting Community based nutrition activities: Home gardens; Support groups; Food demonstration corners;
*Establishing networks with Micro finance banks and Insurance groups to support female farmers;
*Media work to promote consumption of diverse diets;
*Promoting healthy meals in community, schools, workplaces.
*Capacity Building of Women groups on utilization of nutritious local foods

Mrs. Lizzy Igbine of NIWAAFA and CS-SUNN’s Communication’s Officer Lilian Ajah-mong showcasing The ASFSNS 2016-2025 Participants were drawn from Pat Mgbo Initiative, MWAN, CRYEED, Heal the Youth Foundation, ACSEI, Sam Empowerment Foundation, The Paul’s Mission INC, NIWAAFA, B.H.C.F among others.



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