CS-SUNN is excited to announce the commencement of the SUN Movement Pooled Fund

for Multi-Sector/Stakeholder Platforms. It is a source of funding of catalytic and innovative projects to support Multi-Sector/Stakeholder Platforms in Nigeria to increase the effectiveness and impact of national efforts to end malnutrition in all its forms. CS-SUNN, the SUN Government Focal Point (domiciled in the Federal Ministry of Health), the SUN Business Network and the Donor Network are the recognized Multi-Sector/Stakeholder Platforms in Nigeria. The quadrumvirate jointly developed, applied for and have been awarded the grant this year. Its ultimate goal is improved health and nutrition status and reduced malnutrition in all forms in Nigeria.

The project to be implemented in Kaduna, Kano, Oyo, Gombe and Enugu states aims to:

-strengthen linkages and joint collaboration within the Multi-Sector/Stakeholder Platform at both the national and state levels.

-support and improve the delivery of multi-sectoral nutrition activities that impact nutrition outcomes for vulnerable groups including: women, girls and adolescents, and communities at the local level.

-achieve the transformation of national and sub-national nutrition policies into concrete actions.

-support both tested and innovative approaches for learning and experience exchange, including peer-to-peer learning, trainings combining face-to-face and distance learning, and coaching.

It will be coupled with capacity building and other learning activities to reinforce in-country capabilities of all stakeholders in Nigeria to:

a) Continuously improve country planning to end malnutrition;

b) Mobilize, advocate and communicate for impact;

c) Strengthen capacity of government and non-governmental systems, multi-sectoral teams, and their individual members, for scaled-up nutrition action at all levels;

d) Ensure equity, equality and non-discrimination for all, with women and girls at the centre of efforts.

Its three thematic areas include:

1) Improvement to Maternal and Child Health and Nutrition through multi-sectoral nutrition interventions.

2) Promote Ownership and Capacity Strengthening of Multi-Sector/Stakeholder Platform at decentralized level.

3) Strengthening of Sharing & Learning.

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