Jayne Arinze-Egemonye

Jayne Arinze-Egemonye





Jayne Arinze-Egemonye


Snr. Monitoring and Evaluation Officer

Areas of Expertise

Leading the internal process for promoting and
ensuring compliance with laws, regulation, organisation policies and donor funds.

Experience/Career History/Accomplishments/Professional Affiliations

She had previously worked with the International Republican Institute, John Snow Inc. and White Ribbon Alliance Nigeria focusing on capacity building, supply chain management systems, policy and programme management. She has experience working with the government (local, state and federal) and Civil Society Organizations in different of Nigeria over the last decade. Jayne runs a social media campaign “Nutrismart” which  focuses on poor nutrition outcomes in Africa by empowering people to identify foods with high nutrient value, educate and communicate nutritious foods so that caregivers and consumers can make informed choices and work with individuals who are looking to make dietary and lifestyle changes that will lead to healthier lifestyles.   Also, she is the author of “Authentic Everyday Recipes for Smart Children” 

Educational Background


Additional Skills

Blogging or Mentoring young women and girls

Social Media Handles (Very Important) Facebook, Twitter, Official Email