Civil Society Scaling-Up Nutrition in Nigeria (CS-SUNN) is requesting interested and qualified companies that meet below requirements to submit the required documents (See No. 3 below) for registration as vendors. The intent of this publication is to register and pre-qualify credible vendors that would be engaged for various services by the organization, based on meeting up which criteria required each service.

Interested and reputable organizations in Abuja with relevant experience in the following areas mentioned below are to express interest. Vendors may apply for more than one (1) category if corporate registration documents legally authorize the vendor to do so and there are verifiable references to support claim.

  1. Required Services
CS-SUNN 1 Office stationeries and workshop materials (e.g., rim of papers, pens, markers, jotters, flip chart papers etc)
CS-SUNN 2 Printing and branding services

Printing: branding, photocopies, laminations

Branding: Branding on gift items, t-shirts, face caps, cups, training materials, roll up banners, posters

CS-SUNN 3 Car Hire Services
CS-SUNN 4 Hotel and Conference Services (including accommodation, meals, internet, car hire etc)
CS-SUNN 5 Air travel agent services
CS-SUNN 6 Catering Services
CS-SUNN 7 Information Technology (IT) equipment e.g., desktop and laptop computers, printers, projectors copiers etc.;

Including cartridges, accessories, repairs, and servicing

CS-SUNN 8 Motor Vehicle Dealers
CS-SUNN 9 Electronic Equipment (such as air conditioners, stabilizers, television screens, public address systems, photo and video cameras, fridges, UPS, etc).
CS-SUNN 10 Air Conditioner and Maintenance and Fridge repairs
CS-SUNN 11 Generator sales and maintenance
CS-SUNN 12 Courier services
CS-SUNN 13 Shipping, logistics and courier services
CS-SUNN 14 Public Media Advertising Agency (e.g., newspaper advertisement, media coverage and broadcast of events etc.)
CS-SUNN 15 Diesel/Fuel Supplies
CS-SUNN 16 Security Services
CS-SUNN 17 Office Furniture
CS-SUNN 18 Internet Service Providers
CS-SUNN 19 Airtime vendors
CS-SUNN 20 First Aid boxes
CS-SUNN 21 Office supplies: toiletries, soap, coffee and tea items, cleaning materials, insecticides, drinking water etc
CS-SUNN 22 Photography and videography services
CS-SUNN 23 Office Maintenance: Painting, Plumbing, Electrical Repairs, carpentry works etc
CS-SUNN 24 General supplies
CS-SUNN 25 General cleaning and fumigation services

      2. All expression of interest for each category must be prepared and submitted independently by properly         labelling submission in line with Lot No. and Description listed on the table in 1 above.


     3. Eligibility Criteria

  • Evidence of company registration with the Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC) and/or authorities at the Area Council of Operation. For artisans, evidence of registration with recognized unions for a period not less than three (3) years can suffice in situations where a C.A.C registration does not exist. However, one reference letter should come from the leader(s) of the association/union
  • Company Profile including name, verifiable address, telephone numbers, email address and company’s administrative structure where applicable
  • verifiable list of similar jobs successfully executed in the past (letters of award and completion certificate should be included where applicable)
  • Three reference letters with email addresses and phone numbers
  • evidence of bank account in the name of the company/business entity (or letter of bank credibility of the vendor/company, from the bank)
  • Tax clearance certificate or evidence of tax remittance to the relevant authority/provision of Tax Identification Number (TIN) is required
  • Evidence of registration with relevant professional bodies where applicable
  • Vendors who are currently providing services/supplies to CS-SUNN must reapply with all documentation attached as mentioned above

      4. Prequalification Notice: Interested companies/business entities applying to this call should please note the following:

  • CS-SUNN reserves the right to reject any or all pre-qualification submissions for failure to meet the established criteria or if the submission was made after the stipulated date
  • Response to this call should not be considered by any vendor as a commitment on the part of CS-SUNN nor does it entitle any company to make any claim whatsoever nor seek any indemnity from the organization


     5. Submission of Prequalification documents: All prequalification documents must be signed by authorized representatives of the company. Submissions must be done in hard copies and properly sealed envelopes to Plot 203 Cadastral Zone B02, off Oladipo Diya Way (Beside Coded Suites), Durumi District, Abuja. The LOT No. being applied for should be clearly written on top of the envelope before submission. All documents must be registered at the CS-SUNN registration desk in CS-SUNN office before submission on or before 5:00pm, Friday 29th October 2021.



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