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CS-SUNN Empowers Jigawa Government On The Performance Management System.

CS-SUNN has implemented a capacity-building initiative aimed at supporting the Jigawa State government in enhancing its operational efficiency in the nutrition sector. Through this initiative, CS-SUNN supported the state government to develop the State’s 2024 Nutrition Annual Operational Plan (AOP). Additionally, 29 members of the State Committee on Food and Nutrition received training on operationalizing the Federal Government’s Performance Management System (PMS).

The PMS is designed to enable nutrition line Ministries, Departments, and Agencies (MDAs) to collect, submit, store, analyze, and report data remotely. By implementing this system, both at the national and subnational levels, CS-SUNN aims to enhance the monitoring and evaluation of nutrition-specific and sensitive programs. The meeting participants commended the introduction of the AOP development initiative in the state and called for its sustainability.

To promote quality reportage of nutrition and disseminate CS-SUNN’s advocacy asks, the alliance organized a media roundtable session, inviting 28 participants from various media platforms, including print, broadcast, and social media in the state. During the session, Alhaji Shuaib Musa Kafingana, the State Coordinator, emphasized the importance of the state government’s approval of the food and nutrition policy and strategic plan of action.


Key action items identified during the meeting include the harmonization and approval of developed AOPs by MDAs and follow-up advocacy visits to key stakeholders for the approval of the State Policy on Food and Nutrition (SPFN) and the State Multi-Sectoral Plan of Action for Food and Nutrition (KSMPAFN). It is anticipated that upon approval and subsequent implementation of these policies, nutrition indices in Jigawa will witness significant improvement.

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