DR Mbang

Dr Mbang Kooffreh-Ada

She is a Senior Lecturer in the Department of Internal Medicine,
Faculty of Clinical Sciences, University of Calabar. She is also a Chief Consultant
in the same department, at the University of Calabar Teaching Hospital. She is
one of the pioneer lecturers specializing in Gastroenterology and Hepatology. She is
involved in the training of undergraduate medical students in the Faculty of Clinical
Sciences. In addition, she is involved in the training, mentorship, and supervision of
post-graduate medical doctors, MSc and PhD students.
She is an active member of her professional associations; including the Medical Women
Association of Nigeria (MWAN) CRS chapter, where she has served as the financial
secretary of the organization. She has also served as the Treasurer and Vice-Chairman
of the Medical and Dental Consultants Association of Nigeria (MDCAN) CRS chapter.
She is currently the Secretary of the Society of Gastroenterology and Hepatology in
Nigeria (SOGHIN) CRS chapter. Her involvement in her professional groups has
exposed her to several health outreaches such as medical outreaches (in several
communities), world hepatitis day campaigns, health talks, radio and TV interviews as
well as training of health personnel. In addition, she has been nominated to several
committees in her department as well as local organizing committees (for the planning
and organization of local and international conferences).
Dr Kooffreh-Ada has attended several conferences and workshops (local and
international) which have exposed her to cutting-edge medicine and up-to-date
evidence-based practices, especially in her field of interest. She has had the opportunity
to present abstracts of her research work at some of these conferences. 
Dr Kooffreh-Ada is also involved in pioneer studies on viral hepatitis, helicobacter
pylori, and chronic liver disease in CRS and has published original papers in these
fields. Her collaboration with renowned researchers (local and international) in liver
cancer and functional gastrointestinal disorder (ROME IV) has led to her having
publications in reputable journals such as the Lancet (Gastroenterology and

She is currently involved in several ongoing projects in viral hepatitis, awareness of liver
disease in adolescents, Functional Gastrointestinal Disorders (FGID), non-alcoholic
fatty liver disease (NAFLD) and liver cancer amongst other areas of interest. 
Dr Kooffreh-Ada is the current Chairman of the Board of Trustees Civil Society Scaling-
up Nutrition in Nigeria (CS-SUNN). This platform has availed her the opportunity to play
an advocacy role in safeguarding food security in Nigeria. In addition, with her years of
experience in Gastroenterology and charitable activities, she combines this experience
with promoting sustainable nutrition-based interventional strategies in Nigeria.
Her passion is to raise awareness about common health conditions and advocate
for better health-seeking attitudes in her community. Her hobbies include; reading
novels, watching movies, travelling, aerobics exercise, cooking, and gardening. She is
happily married and has three lovely children.
Dr Mbang Kooffreh-Ada (M.B.B. cH, FMCP)
Senior Lecturer/Chief Consultant
Department of Internal Medicine
Faculty of Clinical Sciences
University of Calabar/University of Calabar Teaching Hospital