Dr. Mrs. Esther Mangzha

Dr. Mrs. Esther Mangzha

She is from Askira/Uba Local Government Area of Borno State.  She holds PhD in Educational Planning and Administration. She started as a teacher in 1971 and rose up through the ranks to Director-General at the Federal level. All along Dr Mangzha worked in Government agencies performing the duties that are pertinent to Women’s Development and Child Protection for instance, Principal; Girls’ Schools, Women’s Education Officer, Director of Better for Rural Women, Director, Family Support Programme, Chairperson Askira/Uba LGA, Commissioner of Women Affairs all in Borno State. She later transferred her service to the Federal Government of Nigeria where she served in the capacity of Manager, Training and Development at the National Center for Women Development and later retired as the Director General of the Center.

Dr. Mangzha has garnered experience, working with women and girls at all three Tiers of Government.

After retirement, having seen the plight of Nigerian women especially those from the rural areas, she founded a non-governmental organization, ‘Integrated Women and Youth Empowerment Centre’ (IWAYEC) to support women, girls, orphans and widows. The NGO works to empower women and youths through training, skills acquisition, capacity building, peace initiatives and addressing gender issues.

Currently, Dr Mangzha’s NGO (IWAYEC) is partnering with the Victims Support Fund (VSF) to support women affected by the insurgency in the Northeast. This is an assignment that brings Dr Mangzha in direct contact with victims of Genders Based Violence in the communities. She has impacted the lives of thousands of women, youths and children. She has so far authored 9 books, the most recent being a compilation of traditional/local nutritional snacks and drinks.

She is happily married with Children and grandchildren.