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Sun Pooled Fund

The SUN Movement Pooled Fund (hereafter The Pooled Fund) is a catalytic and last resort source of grants to support multi-stakeholder platforms in Scaling up Nutrition (SUN) Movement Countries (hereafter SUN countries), to increase the effectiveness and impact of national efforts to end malnutrition in all its forms. The Pooled Fund grants will promote the engagement of additional relevant actors in implementing, monitoring, and evaluating multi-sectoral and multi-stakeholder national plans for nutrition.  

The Pooled Fund concept was developed in 2017 to strengthen the capacity of non-governmental systems in SUN Countries. The Pooled Fund is coherent with the SUN Movement stewardship arrangements and processes at national and global levels.


  • Outcome 1 (SMART planning & legislation): By the end of the grant period, the grantee SUN Countries have SMART, cost, multistakeholder, and multi-sectoral Nutrition Plans in place.
  • Outcome 2 (Financial resourcing): By the end of the grant period, international and domestic resources are better mobilized to finance national nutrition plans.
  • Outcome 3 (Effective implementation and accountability): By the end of the grant period, the SUN Country Civil Society Alliance (CSA) is on track to implementing its nutrition commitments and are making a demonstrable contribution to reducing malnutrition at sub-national levels.

The Pooled Fund is designed in coherence with the SUN Movement Strategy and Roadmap (2016-2020). In particular, the Pooled Fund supports actions, which reinforce the in-country capabilities of all stakeholders in SUN Countries across four thematic areas:

i. Continuously improve country planning and policy to end malnutrition

ii. Mobilize resources, advocate and communicate for impacts

iii. Strengthen the capacity of government and non-governmental systems, multi-sectoral teams, and their members, for scaled-up nutrition action at all levels.

iv. Ensure equity, equality and non-discrimination for all, with women and girls at the centre of the efforts